New 'Do Every Day: Morena Baccarin’s Perfect Pixie

It’s short, but not too buzzed. Cute, but not too young. Tough, but not manly. Morena Baccarin truly has the perfect pixie.

This summer, tons of celeb trendsetters have freshly shorn locks, proving that a cropped cut can be chic and even sexy. If the heat has you seriously considering a major chop a la Morena, keep these tips in mind:

-Take your face shape into account. If you have a large forehead, make sure to get sideswept bangs. Or if your face is round, spike your pixie up, which lengthens it. And only go super-super-short if you have an oval face shape.

-Products are your friend. Smooth a styling cream through damp strands then blow dry to create texture. Use a wax to smooth down any flyaways or tame stubborn bangs.

-Curly-hair girls can get a cropped cut too! If you have tight curls, a pixie cut can look incredible, and is so easy to maintain. Just wash and go. One caveat: Keep up your salon appointments. You need great layers to If you want your hair to stay close to your head. Of course, after a few weeks of awkard growth, a short, curly bob looks great, too (and works perfectly for fall!).