New 'Do Every Day: Eva Longoria’s Pulled Back Style

We’re nearing the end of our month of summer hairstyles, and we cannot wrap-up without adding the famous “bump” trend to the mix. It’s the perfect choice for those of us who like to wear our hair down, but need a way to keep it out of our face. Eva Longoria has a perfect example of the style: smooth hair and a pouf that isn’t too, too high.

To get the look:

  1. Place your pointer fingers at your hairline, and in line with the arch of each eyebrow. Gather all of the hair between your two fingers and back to the crown of your head.
  2. Tease the back of this section with a paddle brush or comb.
  3. Smooth the top, then twist the section once or twice (which helps keep the height) and pin with bobby pins. Cross the bobby pins so that they stay tight.