New 'Do Every Day: Camila Alves

Getting hair as straight as Camila Alves’s on a hot day is not for the time-strapped, easily-distracted chica. But, as the gorgeous Brazilian proves, it can be done.

We recently asked Camila how she straightens her naturally curly hair, and she said she lets it air-dry naturally (a good tip for the summer when thirty minutes with a blow dryer is hellish!), then straightens it section by section with a flat iron. “I try not to use the blow dryer so that it’s one less potentially-damaging hot tool on my hair,” she explains.

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To get your strands as straight as Camila’s:

-Distribute a dime-size amount of smoothing serum (like Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Serum, $4.49, evenly through hair (but skip roots so they don’t get too greasy or weighed down).

-Comb a one-inch section of hair, then slowly glide a flat iron down it. The smaller the section, the straighter the hair will get.

-Comb and straighten the rest of your hair. If any of your ends look frayed or dry, add a tiny bit more of the oil serum to seal them.

Follow these steps and your hair should stay straight throughout the day…even a sticky day.

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