Lourdes Leon Dyes Hair Green & 4 Other Celebrity Hair Chameleons

Madonna’s 16-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon debuted emerald locks over the weekend, and we’re green with envy! She’s not the first—and we’re guessing not the last—star to take a colorful hair risk. Several of our favorite celebs have already dipped into the Crayola box when dying their hair. Take a look at whose vibrant locks have made it into the spotlight. 

1. Colored Hair: Demi Lovato

The Hair Chameleon

Demi Lovato doesn’t give a second thought to changing her hair color. Less than a month after the X Factor judge appeared with her signature pink locks, she arrived at The Teen Choice Awards with a blue-green ombre style.

2. Colored Hair: Selena Gomez

True Blue

Always on top of the latest beauty trends, Selena Gomez worked blue and dark purple highlights into her jet black locks for just the right amount of funky playfulness. 

3. Colored Hair: Christina Aguilera

Pastel Highlights

Christina Aguilera’s platinum blonde hair gets punked…with lavender streaks! This toned down hue is naturally faded making it a great low-maintenance color choice.

4. Colored Hair: Julissa Bermudez

Violet Vixen

Going totally vamp, Julissa Bermudez chose a beautiful bold purple hair hue to go with her violet lips and mani. A matchy matchy beauty look we can get behind!