The Look of Los Premios

The stars came out for the Los Premio lo Nuestro a La Musica Latina awards gala in Miami on Feb. 18 and rocked the red carpet with style and flair. Who dazzled and who didn’t? We interviewed three experts to find out.

Freelance makeup artist Lauren Iavarone, who beautifies brides for their weddings when she’s not working on models at New York Fashion week, magazine shoots and events, thinks the eight women we selected, with one exception, are “looking pretty fierce.”

Hair maven Orlando Pita agrees. The Cuban-born owner of New York City’s Orlo salon - recently styled Penelope Cruz for a photo shoot and is now mentoring hairstylist contestants on Bravo’s Shear Genius. Pita believes that a wide range of looks can look great on the red carpet. “It’s about how someone carries themselves rather than fitting a certain trend,” he says.

April Barton, one of the Shear Genius contestants, is the owner of Manhattan’s Suite 303 salon, where she has worked with Lauren Velez and Mary J. Blige. Barton - who declares the competition to be “the most challenging thing I’ve done in my career,” says she’s more outspoken than she appears on the show and doesn't hold back when it comes to casting a critical eye on our celebs.

Click through our slideshow to see what all three experts have to say!

1. Look Los Premios: Thalia


“She kept it young and modern,” says Pita of Thalia’s hair, which he suspects is augmented by extensions. To get the look, “you’d blow dry it with a volume spray and take a large-barrel curling iron and do curls from the ear or eyes down. It’s definitely something women can create at home.” Barton would have preferred shorter length and either a fuller set or a straight flat-ironed look with this outfit, “but I love the texture and color.” Iavarone loved the Mexican songstress’ soft makeup, a look she says is “easily achievable with no more than five products. I would use a tinted moisturizer, bronzer, a light shimmer on the lid, cream liner and petal pink lips.”


2. Look Los Premios: KARLA MARTINEZ


The Despierta América co-host’s gorgeous gown and updo impressed Barton, who’d only make one change: “I’d add a cascade of hair coming down to reflect the asymmetrical train.”  Pita says you can achieve Martinez's style by making two ponytails, pulling them back and braiding them, or adding a piece at the crown and maybe a piece in the back.”  Iavarone loves the look, too, and would replicate it with a champagne colored eye shadow, gray color in the corners, and a black cream eyeliner. “Maybelline has a phenomenal one and it’s good for the budget-savvy,” she suggests.

3. Looks Los Premios: ALLISON IRAHETA


Our hair experts agree that the American Idol alumna’s long and messy hairstyle is wrong for her dress’s ruffled neckline. “I would have put her hair up, in an abstract, less polished way,” says Barton, who thinks saltwater spray on top of unwashed hair may have given Iraheta this “Montauk beach weekend” look. Pita thinks the style would have been much better with a deeper color and better styling. "To me, this is wash and wear hair,” the kind you get going to bed with it wet. Iavarone suggests going for a lighter color lip for teenagers because dark red ages them. “I would have done a deep purple smoky eye and a subtle nude lip because the dress’s color is so bold. Makeup Forever has beautiful deep purples for the eyes,” she says.

4. Look Los Premios: Nelly Furtado


Iavarone raves about Furtado’s bold bangs, gorgeous lips “and whatever brand of eyelashes they put on her.” To replicate the look, “get a pair of thick, full lashes like MAC #7 or Ardell at CVS, add a peachy pink lip, and bronze yourself up,” something she supposes Furtado might have achieved with a professional spray tan, “because it looks pretty even.”  Iavarone and Pita agree that a bigger hairstyle would have balanced Nelly's proportions better. “I think she needs a long ponytail, or something more,” says Pita. If you like the look, get it with flat-ironed, even-cut bangs, “or buy clip-in bang extensions. “We used some on Camila [Alves] for Shear Genius,” he notes.

5. Look Los Premios: LUZ RIOS


“I love a great haircut with a long evening dress--really modern. It’s simple and elegant,” says Pita, who crowned the Mexican singer his overall favorite.  To get the look, you need “a good haircut and a good blow dry with volume at the top,” he says.  Barton was less enamored of Rios’s bob, finding it “too casual and dense, with not a lot of movement, something she’d wear with jeans to shop at Whole Foods.”  Iavarone agrees with Pita, pronouncing the outfit, bold necklace, haircut and whole look “what’s in right now. They did the right thing in keeping her makeup soft.  She has a lot of lash but not too much.”  To do it yourself, “Go with a light bronzer, a peach on the cheek, a nude lip, and eyeliner, maybe in gray.”

6. Look Los Premios: Natalia Jimenez


The La Quinta Estación singer is Barton’s favorite, from her dramatic dress to her elegant updo. “The one minimal critique I have is that if the top of it was less pointed, it would bring out her eyes and cheekbones instead of her nose and chin,” she says. Pita, who thinks the hairstyle “balances the dress nicely,” believes it was “blow dried straight, pulled into a ponytail at the crown, and the pieces curled, pinned to her head and hair-sprayed.”  Iavarone loves the way Jimenez’s red lips, thick lashes and bold brows complement the black and white gown.  “The best way to achieve this look is cream liner, a lot of mascara, and fill your brows in with some dark brown shadow.” For the lips, she recommends “a long-wear red that will last all evening like Alpha Moda by MAC.  It’s great for olive complexions.”

7. Look Los Premios: Paulina Rubo


The Mexican star’s big hair complements her bohemian “polished hippie look,” says Pita, who’d achieve it with volume spray in the blow dry, possible extensions, and a big barrel curling iron. “Pin the curls up to set and them brush them out and spray them.”  Barton loves Rubio’s dress—but would have toned down the curl. “I do like the light gold color—it brings out the copper tones in her skin and makes her eyes pop.”  Iavarone “would have gone with a more nude lip and a softer eye to complement the dress,” but if you love it, try a light cherry lip stain and top and bottom liner on your eyes.

8. Looks Los Premios: Melissa Marty


Right on trend with her smoky eyes, the Puerto Rican beauty queen wowed Iavarone, who recommends a slate gray lid color “and a black shadow like Carbon by MAC in the outer corners” and top, bottom and inner eyeliner to achieve it.  Barton doesn’t love the hairdo as much. “The dress is really elegant and I think the hair needed to be more polished. It would have been better really simple, draped behind the ear and tighter. I like that it’s up, but it could be cleaner.”  To Pita, “It could be sexier. I would have had her hair down and made it really sexy.” To get this updo, he suggests volumizer and a 3/4-inch curling iron to achieve the bottom curls, “Maybe three inches from the root.  Then just pin up the back.”