193 Photos of Latina Celeb Beauty Transformations!

NO ONE looks the same forever—and no one knows that better than our Latina celebs! But you know what, that's a VERY good thing! Check out 193 photos featuring the beauty transformations of more than 15 A-list Latina celebs! 

1. Shakira Beauty Transformation 1

April 1999: Already a star in Latin America, the 22-year-old Ojos Asi singer steps into the spotlight stateside at the Alma Awards with bright red twisted strands.

2. Shakira Beauty Transformation 2

September 2000: Now showing off blonde highlights, the two-time winner at the Latin Grammy Awards shines in a red sequin dress, glowing skin, smoky lids, and—the best part—thick, gorgeous curls.

3. Shakira Beauty Transformation 3

December 2001: Embracing her “rockerita” style, Shakira weaves black strands through her piece-y blonde hair and tries an exaggerated cat eye to complement her black leather bustier.

4. Shakira Beauty Transformation 4

December 2003: Two years later, the Colombiana releases her English-language pop album and gets a girlie look—smoothing her now all-blonde strands into soft, shiny curls, adding a touch of sheer lip gloss, and outlining her eyes in black liner. 

5. Shakira Beauty Transformation 5

February 2007: For the Grammy Awards, the almost-30-year-old international superstar shows off her natural side, darkening her hair to brunette, keeping her brows bold, and letting her natural curls loose. Love!

6. Shakira Beauty Transformation 6

October 2009: After releasing her sixth album a few months earlier, Shaki’s hips don’t lie in a modern, metallic dress off-set by her long super-straight blonde hair pulled back into a high bump.    

7. Shakira Beauty Transformation 7

January 2011: With seven albums to date, a sexy new soccer-playing boyfriend, and international fame, Shakira looks like she’s at the top of her career with pretty wavy hair, her signature nude, glossy lips, flawless skin and long lashes.

8. Beauty Transformation: Shakira 2013


Shakira goes for a shorter and brighter blonde look.

9. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2003


A bit more natural, Sara goes for a darker look with side bangs and a deep, berry lip at the 20th Anniversary party of the Musical Theatre Works Concert, Bravo Bernstein.

10. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2005


Going glam at the opening night party for Monty Python’s Spamalot with an updo and sparkly lips. We’re not sure how we feel about the side-swept short bangs, but Sara can certainly pull it off!

11. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2006


At a fashion show in California, Sara goes sleek with a layered cut and fringe bangs. She finishes the look with winged liner and nude lips. Pretty!

12. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2007


Talk about working the red carpet! With a smoky eye and curled, messy updo, Sara is ready for her closeup.

13. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2008


At an event in New York, Sara keeps it casual and with a tan, sun-kissed look and ponytail.

14. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2009


We love this look! A great, natural wave, dark blue-lined eyes and a brown lip all help to spotlight Sara’s natural beauty.  

15. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2011 A


Sara shows off some Old Hollywood glamour with an amazing wavy ‘do and slightly smoky lids. Gorgeous!

16. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2011 B


Changing up her look, Sara goes for dramatic eyes, rosy cheeks and a sleek, slightly lightened ‘do at an event in Los Angeles. 

17. Sara Ramirez Beauty Transformation 2012


Bronzed beauty! Sara rocks copper-toned eye shadow and bronzed lips with fringed bangs and a reddened hue ‘do. Chic!

18. Beauty Transformation: Sara Ramirez 2013


The Grey's Anatomy star boasts a dark lip and dark hair that's to die for!

19. J.Lo Transform 1

1996: When Ms. Lopez first stepped into the limelight, she showed off her natural brunette curls and earth-toned makeup (it was the nineties!).

20. J.Lo Transform 2

2000: At the MTV Music Video Awards, Lopez rocked new caramel highlights, which complement her golden skin tone and signature J.Lo glow. 

21. J.Lo Transform 3

2001: Jennifer experimented with defined ringlets and purple smoky eyes—one of her signature makeup looks.

22. J.Lo Transform 4

2002: Most critics slammed the bouffant Jen wore to the Academy Awards, but she and her stylist, Oribe, reportedly loved the 60s-inspired ‘do.

23. J.Lo Transform 5

2003: A curly-q moment for the star, Jennifer radiates warmth with bronzed skin and a glossy nude mouth.

24. J.Lo Transform 6

2004: Playful pigtails and a hip hat give our girl a youthful vibe at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

25. J.Lo Transform 7

2006: Who else can pull off a metallic head scarf like J.Lo?! The accessory accentuated her flawless complexion, perfect brows, and signature silver smoky eye.

26. J.Lo Transform 8

2008: The newly pregnant star went blonder than ever for a reception in Denver, CO in August ‘08.

27. J.Lo Transform 9

2009: For The Back-Up Plan, Jennifer tried a light brown hair color, blunt bangs and tousled waves.

28. J.Lo Transform 10

2010: Jennifer gets glam! Her hair is full of sparkling highlights and rich lowlights, her lids are smoky, and her complexion is golden and glowing.

29. Jennifer Lopez: Beauty Transformation: Gucci

2010: By the end of 2010, her hair is longer, her lashes thicker, her brows fuller—the 41-year-old superstar is truly looking younger and younger.

30. Jennifer Lopez: Beauty Transformation: Globes

2011: Jennifer swaps her glam style for a sweeter one at the Golden Globes this year, and proves that she can own any look she wants.

31. Jennifer Lopez: Beauty Transformation: American Idol

2011: Jennifer always amazes us with her revolving looks on American Idol, showing off red lips and a slick bun one night then blue eye shadow and wildly full hair the next. What else will she try? It’s one of the biggest reasons we tune in.  One thing's for sure: This really is her most stunning year!

32. Beauty Transformation: Jennifer Lopez 2013


J.Lo was all about the top knot and keeping her hair out of her face this year.

33. Beauty Transformation: Salma Hayek 1

May 1999: After launching a successful career as an actress in Mexico, Salma moved to Los Angeles in 199 to conquer Hollywood. Eight years later, she’s a red carpet regular, complete with long gown and formal updo.

34. Beauty Transformation: Salma Hayek 2

November 2000: Salma goes for a wild rocker style at the VH1 Music Awards, which marks the first and last time we see her in a look like this! (Although not her last fashion risk.)

35. Beauty Transformation: Salma Hayek 3

November 2002: At the premiere of Frida, the Academy Award nominee returns to her roots, showcasing a beautiful braid wrapped over her center part, berry lips, and bold brows.

36. Beauty Transformation: Salma Hayek 4

February 2005: Now with long, layered bangs, the actress pulls the rest of her hair into a voluminous updo and coordinates her blue smoky eye with her Academy Awards dress.

37. Beauty Transformation: Salma Hayek 5

March 2006: A year later, Salma looks even more sophisticated with long, shiny hair, perfect skin, and a copper eye shadow to brighten her brown eyes.

38. Beauty Transformation: Salma Hayek 6

January 2009: Now a mother to baby Valentina, the star still appears flawless! Her half-up hairstyle, warm blush, and light pink lip color show off her happy glow.

39. Beauty Transformation: Salma Hayek 7

May 2011: Salma, in a stunning Alexander McQueen gown in honor of the departed designer as host of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, looked elegant with her hair down and wavy and makeup soft and natural. Perfection.

40. Beauty Transformation: Salma Hayek 2013


Sophisticated Salma opted for a sleek middle part and ombre locks.

41. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 1

October 2000:

A year after meeting Kobe, the 18-year-old had a look that fit the trend at that time: frosted lips, light metallic shadow, and heavy blonde highlights. 

42. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 2

July 2001:

Only a couple of months into her marriage, Vanessa was already perfecting her public image, showing off a sleek black satin blazer and even blonder, retro-style waves.

43. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 3

September 2004:

With Kobe’s sexual assault charges behind him, the couple looks happy and stunning, especially Vanessa who wore her hair long and golden brown. 

44. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 4

July 2006:

After just having her second daughter, Gianna, two months before, Vanessa looks absolutely stunning with black, shiny long hair, full brows, and a beautiful bronze glow. 

45. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 5

May 2007:

Vanessa keeps her dark locks, but adds blunt bangs to her style while attending the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere with Kobe and her oldest daughter Natalia.

46. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 6

February 2011:

At Kobe’s hand and footprint ceremony, Vanessa wore her black hair in a romantic updo and kept her makeup soft, with a subtle smoky eye, and warm berry cheeks and lips. Ten months later, Vanessa filed for divorce.

47. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 2013


A light brown was a fun choice for this basketball wife, who also rocked a sleek ponytail better than anyone we know.

48. Zoe Saldana: Beauty Transformation: 1

May 2000: Our first look at a fresh-faced Zoe was this movie poster for Center Stage (that’s her on the top left), the cult-favorite ballet flick where Zoe plays a dancer with an attitude named Eva Rodriguez.  

49. Zoe Saldana: Beauty Transformation: 2

May 2005: Now a recognizable screen star (thanks to Drumline and Pirates of the Caribbean), the 27-year-old actress pulls off a nude lip, gray smoky eye, and sophisticated updo perfectly.

50. Zoe Saldana: Beauty Transformation: 3

July 2005: A casual (and smiley) Zoe shows off curled hair, bronzed skin, and a sheer glossy pink lip while attending a movie premiere.

51. Zoe Saldana: Beauty Transformation: 4

October 2006: More than a year later, the star now has super-long hair with a few layers to frame her oval face. 

52. Zoe Saldana: Beauty Transformation: 5

May 2008: Zoe discovers the fun of fringe benefits, showing off fresh swept-to-each-side bangs, while her cheery pink blush gives her a warm glow.  

53. Zoe Saldana: Beauty Transformation: 6

October 2008: Bangs all grown out, Zoe shows off mega volume to complement her sexy black dress. 

54. Zoe Saldana: Beauty Transformation: 7

April 2009: Surely with the help of some great extensions, Zoe goes back to long hair for her Star Trek premiere.  

55. Zoe Saldana: Beauty Transformation: 8

February 2011: The Colombiana star looks just as fresh and youthful as ever, with soft waves, radiant skin, and—surprise!—a bold red lip and sexy cat eye. Is this a sign of more beauty risks in the future? We’ll be watching!

56. Beauty Transformation: Zoe Saldana 2013


Zoe made the right choice by going for sleek hair which came out looking super shiny and beautiful!

57. Eva Longoria Beauty Transformation 1

September 2002

At 27-years-old, the Young and the Restless actress lets her natural brunette hair fall loosely past her shoulders, keeps her brows thin, and outlines her lips. 

58. Eva Longoria Beauty Transformation 2

November 2004 

Now one of the Desperate Housewives, Eva straightens her blunt haircut and adds a few highlights, but sticks to the same makeup look. The style caught her future husband Tony Parker’s eye—they met this same month. 

59. Eva Longoria Beauty Transformation 3

May 2006 

Now engaged, the Golden Globe nominee goes ginger, showing it off with curled strands, nude lips, intense smoky eyes, and thick lashes.

60. Eva Longoria Beauty Transformation 4

September 2006

Only a few months later, Eva—now a L’Oreal spokesmodel—switches up her hair color again. This time to an ashy blonde, which she complements with bronzed skin and lips. 

61. Eva Longoria Beauty Transformation 5

August 2008

Now married, the ALMA Awards host debuts a new chic, grown-up look, with a short bob, flawless skin, and jewel-tone gown.   

62. Eva Longoria Beauty Transformation 6

June 2010

Back to red! While in Spain, Eva shows off her boldest hair color yet, dyeing her strands a rich mahogany shade.

63. Eva Longoria Beauty Transformation 7

May 2011

Now divorced (and happily moving on), the star goes back to her rich dark brown hair color and her signature makeup look: nude lips, extra-dramatic lashes, and radiant skin at the book signing for her new cookbook. 

64. Beauty Transformation: Eva Longoria 2013


The Devious Maids producer looked stunning all year round with her soft waves and berry lips.

65. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 1

August 2005: After years working as a morning anchor on local television, then as a correspondent at MSNBC, the sweet, 33–year-old Natalie—with shoulder-length long layers and soft makeup—begins to fill in at the Today show.

66. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 2

August 2007: Now the National Correspondent at Today, Natalie adds subtle golden highlights through her hair to brighten her complexion.

67. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 3

April 2009: At the book launch for Today’s Moms, the mom of two pulls her hair up into a classic twist and tints her lips a juicy raspberry color.

68. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 4

May 2009: Still keeping her hair shoulder-length, the half-Brazilian, half-Puerto Rican shows off her voluminous layers and natural-looking highlights at a charity event.

69. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 5

January 2010: Always wearing her hair down and blown-out for Today, Natalie takes the chance to pull it back into a bun while reporting on the Golden Globes in Los Angeles. 

70. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 6

August 2010: As host of the Miss Universe Pageant, Natalie looks the part with her bronzed, shimmery skin, cat-eyeliner, and romantic updo.

71. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 7

January 2011: Covering the Golden Globes, Natalie goes glam with glossy, smooth retro waves that hit past her shoulders, a nude lip, and flawless skin. In just a few months, the 39-year-old will be named the first Latina news anchor for Today.

72. Beauty Transformation: Natalie Morales 2013


Tousled, blonde locks added an extra touch of glam to Natalie's look this year.

73. Ana de la Reguera: Beauty Transformation 1


Ana opted for some honey brown highlights and voluminous waves at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards in Latina America.


74. Ana de la Reguera: Beauty Transformation 2


The Mexican actress looked timeless in bright red lips and bouncy, dark curls at the premiere of Ask The Dust.


75. Ana de la Reguera: Beauty Transformation 3


The star opts for long, loose waves and light brown low-lights.

76. Ana de la Reguera: Beauty Transformation 4


Ana is perfection at the 15th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party showing off a side swept updo and flawless makeup.



77. Ana de la Reguera: Beauty Transformation 6


Ana sports long, black strands, soft makeup and bold brows that bring out her bright brown eyes.



78. Ana de la Reguera: Beauty Transformation 7


The Nacho Libre star looked timeless at the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards, working a sleek high bun and blunt bangs.

79. Ana de la Reguera: Beauty Transformation Extra


Not one to change it up much, Ana softens her black strands with subtle brown streaks and loose waves.

80. Beauty Transformation: Ana de la Reguera 2013


Ana was working it with this slick back look and bold eyebrows.

81. La La Vazquez-Anthony Beauty Transformation 1

2004: Back when she was hosting MTV’S Total Request Live, La La sported straight blonde hair with dark roots and minimal makeup.

82. La La Vazquez-Anthony Beauty Transformation 3

2006: La La arrives at the MTV New Years Bash with long side-swept honey blonde waves.

83. La La Vazquez-Anthony Beauty Transformation 4

2008: The Puerto Rican host and VJ switches it up to dark, chocolate brown strands that really help bring out her big green eyes.

84. La La Vazquez-Anthony Beauty Transformation 5

2009: Channeling her inner bad girl, Lala sports dark smokey eyes, blunt bands and shiny sleek strands.

85. La La Vazquez-Anthony Beauty Transformation Extra

2010: The star goes back to black at the Porsche & Vanity Fair Launch event.


86. La La Vazquez-Anthony Beauty Transformation 6

2010: La La looked absolutely stunning working sexy big hair and full brows at the UNICEF 60th Anniversary celebration.

87. La La Vazquez-Anthony Beauty Transformation 7

2010: Looking radiant as ever, La La goes for a modern and sleek high bun to complement her sequined dress.

88. Beauty Transformation: La La Anthony 2013


LaLa's sleek ombre look was definitely a favorite this year.

89. Rosario Dawson Beauty Transformation 1

November 1999: At 15-years-old, Rosario was famously discovered when she was sitting on the steps of her home in NYC and cast in the controversial film, Kids. Just five years later, here she is walking the red carpet in a cream pantsuit, and showing off straight black hair and crimson lips.

90. Rosario Dawson Beauty Transformation 2

April 2001: The Josie and the Pussycats actress keeps her look simple and natural with a shoulder-length shag, stylish frames (inspiration for her role in Clerks?) and minimal makeup.

91. Rosario Dawson Beauty Transformation 3

September 2004: In a full 180 from five years earlier, Rosario cuts her hair even shorter, bleaches it (and her brows) blonde, and slicks it back for a sleek, modern look.

92. Rosario Dawson Beauty Transformation 4

October 2006: The bang trim spotted around the world! These pixie bangs made major news when Rosario debuted them. They only stayed this short for a month; she let them grow out soon afterwards. 

93. Rosario Dawson Beauty Transformation 5

May 2007: Half a year later, at the Cannes Film Festival, Rosario looked like the leading lady she is with long, side-swept bangs, a classic updo, smoky eyes, nude lips, and bronze, glowing skin.

94. Rosario Dawson Beauty Transformation 6

June 2009: Making her gorgeously full lips the focal point with a creamy crimson lipstick, Rosario also adds a few subtle golden highlights to her warm, brunette hair and highlights her bright eyes with a touch of white eyeliner.

95. Rosario Dawson Beauty Transformation 7

January 2011: For this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, Rosario looks like she’s truly found her perfect style. She let her thick, dark brunette hair loosely fall into brushed out waves, outlined her brown eyes with navy liner, and wore a soft pink lipstick to contrast with her turquoise earrings.

96. Beauty Transformation: Rosario Dawson 2013


The starlet's glowing skin just keeps her looking younger and younger as each year goes by.

97. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation 1


The former Fast and the Furious star attends an EA Games launch, working a low maintenance look with a bare face and pulled back hair.

98. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation 2


Michelle decides to channel her inner girly girl at the 3rd Annual Taurus World Stunt Awards with a half-up, half-down do and a bright pink pout.


99. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation 4


At the Spike TV Video Game Awards, Michelle impresses us with a fresh face, nude lips and gorgeous waves.

100. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation 5


Now sporting long and thick extensions, the actress looked super feminine and polished at the 5th Annual Taurus World Stunt Awards.


101. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation 6


Rodriguez surprises us yet again at the 14th Annual Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party, working a messy and somewhat confusing half up, half down style. 


102. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation Extra


Michelle proves that natural beauty is true beauty, arriving at a Women’s Sports Foundation event with little-to-no makeup and hair tucked back, still looking good.

103. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation 7


The Dominican actress looked classier than ever in a chic faux bob, subtle smokey eye and natural pout.



104. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation 8


Her best look yet, the star arrives at the amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala with soft makeup and a sleek, shiny blowout.


105. Michelle Rodriguez: Beauty Transformation 9


Michelle sports an edgy look at the premiere of Battle: Los Angles with charcoal smokey eyes and sexy curls.


106. Beauty Transformation: Michelle Rodriguez 2013


Michelle opted for a few bold lip colors this year that made her look gorgeous as ever!

107. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 1

108. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 2

2007: When the 15-year old first took on her role for Disney’s Wizard of Waverly Place she kept the makeup light and her naturally dark brown strands long and straight.

109. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 3

2008: Channeling her inner rock star, Selena sported clip-in red streaks for an edgier look.

110. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 4

2008:  The young star worked some shiny, bouncy curls at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party.

111. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 5

2008: Selena played up one of her best features-her dark eyes with a Cleopatra-esque look.

112. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 6

2009: A sleek bob with light thin highlights complemented Selena’s alabaster complexion.

113. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 7

2010: Selena looked polished and chic sporting a textured braid at Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kid’s Choice Awards.

114. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 8

2011: The mature multi-talented star looked timeless wearing her hair in a low side-bun with a classic red pout at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

115. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 9

2011: Selena goes for a subtle but edgy change sporting long extensions and two-toned strands.

116. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 10

On the cover for her new album, When the Sun Goes Down (pick it up on June 28th!), Selena rocks a retro look with elaborate hair jewelry, a sleek bob and fire-engine red lips.

117. Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez 2013


The beautiful 21-year-old gave wigs a try this year and we don't hate it.

118. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 1

January 1999: Brown lipstick, smoky eyes, and long, highlighted hair made up Daisy’s look during her days as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

119. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 2

July 2002: Fast-forward a few years and Daisy wears her hair red and curly while she introduces the nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards.

120. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 3

September 2002: Only a couple of months later at the awards show, the star goes back to blond highlights and pulls her hair into a half-up bump. “Sometimes I go blonder, sometimes super-layered, maybe curly or straight, but always long. What can I say, I’m a long-hair girl,” writes Fuentes.

121. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 4

September 2003: Daisy tries a California-girl look, with blonde beach waves, shiny pink lips, and very tan skin. Now the star wears sunscreen. “In my defense, we didn’t know much about UVA and UVB rays back then,” she says.

122. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 5

April 2007: A few years later, Daisy seems much more sophisticated with super-straight strands to complement a sexy LBD. Her skins glows with accomplishment: By now, the model has hosted a slew of shows, become a spokesmodel for beauty brands, and launched her clothing line.

123. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 6

March 2008: With long bangs, big hoops, and a leather jacket, Daisy gives off a mysterious, cool-girl vibe for a Details magazine party.

124. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 7

November 2009: Pulling her long hair back into an updo and flashing purple smoky eyes, Daisy looks flawless in her jewel-toned gown.

125. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 8

May 2010: Daisy shows off soft waves and a killer smile to celebrate being picked as one of People en Español’s 50 Most Beautiful.

126. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 9

May 2011: Today the star is toned, wrinkle-free, and picture perfect. “I certainly take better care of my body now. I’ve been a junk food junkie most of my life. But I tried and tried again, and now I manage to eat healthy, natural, unprocessed foods most of the time. I really do feel better for it,” Daisy shares.

127. Beauty Transformation: Daisy Fuentes 2013


We loved Daisy's simple, yet sophisticated look, at this year's Alma Awards.

128. Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara

June 2002: A bright-eyed, sun-kissed and sandy blonde Sofia poses outside a Hollywood hot spot in a girlie lace tube top and low-slung, white-washed jeans.

129. Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara 2

July 2003: At the ESPY Awards, the star shows off darker and wavier strands. Sofia reportedly dyed her hair dark in order to get roles, saying casting agents wouldn’t believe she was Latin with light hair.

130. Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara 3

September 2003: For the Latin Grammys in Miami, the bronzed actress opted for a slicked back updo. This is the first and last time we see her hair pulled back like this!

131. Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara 4

October 2007: With her hair half-up and tousled, Sofia looks adorable posing with her hand on hip at the 1st annual Hispanic Women in Entertainment breakfast.

132. Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara 5

August 2009: Fast-forward a couple years later and Sofia goes dark, with jet-black hair, long bangs, burgundy highlights and a black, conservative top.

133. Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara 6

January 2011: Now a major TV star, Sofia exudes sexy confidence with a gorgeous blowout, red lips, and a plunging neckline.

134. Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara 7

March 2011: Showing a new side, Sofia pulls her hair in a flirty ponytail and shows off sultry, smoky eyes. 

135. Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara 2013


Blonde, brunette, blonde, brunette and back again! Sofia decided to stick to her natural color this year and she looked simply stunning.

136. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 2 Timberiche

The Timbiriche Look
Crimped 90s hair and some major attitude were prerequisites to joining this pop act.

137. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 3 La Chica Dorada

La Chica Dorada
Paulina receives the nickname that will stick throughout the years, and debuts what would become her signature look of the 90s: dark, thick eyebrows, bold red lipstick and super-blonde locks.

138. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 4 Straight

Straight ‘n Sleek
At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2004, Rubio shows off an uncharacteristically straight mane.

139. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 5 Long Shot

Long Shot
Her long golden ringlets do little to hide her bare assets revealed in her peak-a-boo lace gown, worn to the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in Miami.

140. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 6 Pony Up

Pony Up
A refreshing ponytail greets guests at the 2006 NCLR Alma Awards in Los Angeles. Her poppy eyeliner and fresh face go along with the carefree look.

141. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 7 Signature Kiss

A Signature Kiss
A beauty milestone is reached: Rubio collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to launch a signature lipstick in 2007. The matte metallic shade was inspired by the pop star, who knew from the start she wanted to create a bold and sexy product. Its color? What else – gold, claro!  

142. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 8 Rockin Waves

Rockin’ Waves
Pau rocks out like royalty at the 2009 Premios Juventud Awards.

143. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 9 Success

The Smell of Success
With another year comes another success. Here, the debut of the 2008 print advertisement for Rubio’s fragrance called – what else? – Oro, claro! (That means gold, of course!)

144. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 10 Forever

Forever and Always
At the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2009 Rubio shone in her always-constant champagne waves and soft peachy makeup palette. Her look is at times wild, playful and edgy, but always truly Paulina

145. Beauty Transformation: Paulina Rubio 2013


Red heads have more fun you say? That's what Paulina was thinking when she gave the daring color a try!

146. America Ferrera: Beauty Transformation 1

May 2002: Ready to break out on the scene with her first TV movie for Disney, the just-turned-18 actress starts out with a fresh, casual look. 

147. America Ferrera: Beauty Transformation 2

May 2005: Appearing on the big screen in both How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, America is starting to look like the star she’s becoming, with curled, glossy hair and pink lips and cheeks.

148. America Ferrera: Beauty Transformation 3

January 2007: When she’s not playing Ugly Betty, America takes the chance to show off her pretty side with a cute shag haircut, glossy lips, and sculpted brows. 

149. America Ferrera: Beauty Transformation 4

September 2007: The Honduran star glams it up—with a sophisticated updo, smoky eyes, and nude lips—for her big win at the Emmy Awards!

150. America Ferrera: Beauty Transformation 5

September 2008: At the Emmy’s one year later, America goes Old Hollywood, opting for retro waves and classic crimson lips.

151. America Ferrera: Beauty Transformation 6

January 2009: America sticks to her red lip look, but this time looks sweet and romantic with a low side ponytail.

152. America Ferrera: Beauty Transformation 7

February 2011: Just a few months away from getting married, the star has never looked happier or more grown-up thanks to a flattering long bob and flawless natural makeup.

153. Beauty Transformation: America Ferrera 2013


America's chic updo is a do for any occasion.

154. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 1


Julissa was looking sunkissed and golden at a movie premiere. We love her hair naturally curly!

155. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 2


A sleek ponytail and minimal makeup make Julissa a standout. A huge part of Julissa’s put together look? Shaped eyebrows! 

156. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 3


With sleek hair and a pink pout, Julissa is ready for the red carpet. (Makeup trick takeaway: dot the inner corner of your eyes with light gold shadow to make your peepers seem bigger!)

157. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 4


Whoa, mama! Julissa packs a punch with caramel-colored hair and orange-red lips. Work it!

158. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 5


Check out those eyes! We love the blue/silver liner that plays up Julissa’s peepers. She shows she’s a makeup pro, with her hair pulled back and neutral lips to keep the focus on one feature. Brava!

159. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 6


Smokey brown eyes and peach cheeks pair perfectly at an event. The side braid keeps the look cute and casual. 

160. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 7


Someone got bangs! The MTV host was glammed-out for a The Hills event finale. We love her bronzed look.

161. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 8


Going for a no fuss look at a charity event in California, Julissa shows she’s a natural beauty. 

162. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 9


Julissa takes things up a notch with sky-high lashes and a dark, shimmery lip. Looking fierce.

163. Julissa Bermudez: Beauty Transformation 10


With a bouncy ‘do and shimmery makeup that highlights her features, Julissa is a certified knockout.

164. Beauty Transformation: Julissa Bermudez 2013


The gorgeous dominicana gave short hair a try and looked amazing!

165. Transformation: Xtina 1

Golden Globes 2010: She just keeps gettin’ better! The glowing mother radiates a grown-up warmth and elegance.

166. Transformation: Xtina 2

Appearance in October 2008: Here we see her embodying her then-current graphic pop art inspiration. Blunt bangs, straight platinum hair and fuchsia lips…remind you of another pop icon currently courting the papa-paparazzi?

167. Transformation: Xtina 3

American Music Awards 2008: The ultimate glamazon with blackberry lips and soft round curls.

168. Transformation: Xtina 4

MTV Movie Awards 2004: Having a red-headed Lucille Ball moment?

169. Transformation: Xtina 5

MAC Viva Glam event 2004: Sporting jet black locks and massive eye makeup, this songstress was totally living out loud!

170. Transformation: Xtina 6

American Music Awards 2003: Her two-tone hair became a hit with young girls; similar styles emerged in pink and blue.

171. Transformation: Xtina 7

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 2001: Aguilera’s hair has reached just as many high notes as she has vocally.

172. Transformation: Xtina 8

Grammy announcements 2000: Who knew this "Genie in a Bottle" would evolve into the powerhouse performer and style chameleon she is today? Um, we did.

173. Christina Aguilera: Beauty Transformation: 2011

The Voice press junket in 2011:

X-Tina was all about enhancing her natural beauty with loose waves and natural lipstick. She played up her eyes with a sexy smokey eye. Perfection!

174. Christina Aguilera: Beauty Transformation: 2012

Red carpet event in 2012:

Christina played tribute to her Mickey Mouse Club days at the Samsung Galaxy Note II Beverly Hills Launch Party in California. She hit the red carpet with a fire-red ombré and matching lipstick. 

175. Beauty Transformation: Christina Aguilera 2013


Not only did The Voice coach show off a stellar svelte figure this year, her golden bob was also looking simply gorgeous.

176. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 1


Adrienne rocks a mass of golden curls and bronzed makeup at a movie premiere. We like the sun-kissed look! 

177. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 2


Super-tan and blonde at a movie premiere. Glossy lips finish the look. 

178. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 3


Slightly darker curls at an event in California. The barely-there makeup look is cute, no?

179. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 4


Super-smokey eyes at an event in Los Angeles. We're still diggin' the natural hair!

180. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 5


Sparkly eyeshadow and long lashes complement the new, darker 'do at a Cheetah Girls premiere.

181. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 6


Sleek, dark hair with bangs and fuschia lips -- Adrienne goes for the "wow" factor.

182. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 7


Berry lips and no-part hair at New York Fashion Week. 

183. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 8


Soft, brunette curls paired with smokey lids and nude lips at an event in New York. Check out those nails!

184. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 9


Orange lips and peach cheeks at an even in Florida. (The big earrings steal the show!)

185. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 10


Emitting a golden glow at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. The high bun looks chic! 

186. Beauty Transformation: Adrienne Bailon 2013


Adrienne took the plunge this year and cut her long locks, and we love it!

187. Demi Lovato Hair Color: Brunette

Fresh on the music scene, the Disney princess debuted a rich, shiny brunette shade (and choppy bangs!).

The 25 Most Beautiful Latino Stars Under 25

188. Demi Lovato Hair Color: Deep Brown

Her style may be changing—here, at the American Music Awards, she sports a faux bob—but her hair color’s still a deep, beautiful brown.

Steal Her Style: Demi Lovato's Rocker Chic Look


189. Demi Lovato Hair Color: Black

A year later (while she was dating Joe Jonas), Demi went dark, dyeing her hair a jet-black shade.

Beauty Trend: Demi Lovato Matches Her Lipstick to Her Dress, Twice! 

190. Demi Lovato Hair Color: Golden Highlights

Then this past June, Demi decided to become a blonde, adding golden highlights throughout her hair. She tweeted the news, saying “I love, love, love my new hair! It's so light!"

Beauty Poll: Do You Like Demi Lovato's Dagger Nails?

191. Demi Lovato Hair Color: Blonde

Naturally a dark brunette, Demi Lovato has added caramel highlights, flirted with ruby strands, gone full-blown ginger, and now is testing out a sandy blonde shade—all within the past year!  

As with her previous color transformations, she debuted her new look on twitter, writing:

"Thank you SO much Nine Zero One salon for my new locks!! How do you guys like the new look??"

Apparently her “lovatics” had a lot to say about the sun-kissed style since Demi tweeted later that day, “Ahhhahaha Demi Blondevato is a trending topic?!! Y'all are funny! Haha.”

Steal Her Style: Demi Lovato's California Cool 


192. Demi Lovato Hair Color: Blonde - Again!

Pulling her hair back into a pretty updo, Demi’s hair seems slightly darker than the blonde she’s had all summer. Wonder if she’ll darken up even more now that it’s fall?

Hot Latin Grammy Hair Trend: Sexy Waves!

193. Demi Lovato Hair Transformation: Blue

Well, that's a new one! The singer debuted new blue hair in October of 2013 while performing her new single "Neon Lights," on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.