The Latina Behind 'Dancing with the Stars'

If you’ve spent this season of Dancing with the Stars marveling at how cool everyone’s hair looks each week (or the fact that the styles don’t fall out despite all those dips and flips), you’ll be proud to know that it’s because of Latina hair stylist Mary Guerrero. Guerrero won an Emmy for her work on the show and is consistently nominated for her work on DWTS and AMC’s runaway hit Mad Men.

When we asked Mary to spill her secret on how she created a few of this season’s sexy hair styles—sometimes during the short commercial breaks—she whispered one word: extensions. So of course it makes sense that she just launched a DWTS hair extension collection.

Last night's finale, Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey took home the big prize, and as always, her hair was flawless.

Here are Mary’s styling steps for two gorgeous hairstyles that the last two women standing (Grey, and Bristol Palin) wore this season.

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