The Ladies Behind The Natural Hair Movement 'Road To Rizos'

Ada Rojas and Rocio Mora turned their passion for beauty into a movement, empowering women across the country to embrace their inner naturalistas. From Youtube to the streets of their follower’s city, the powerhouse duo made history with hair. Here’s how they used their social platforms to make hair-story.

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First thing’s first, what is the Rizos on the Road Tour?

Rocio: The premise is to have the discussion about cultural diversity and being Afro-Latina in the natural hair community. More and more Latinas are embracing their natural hair, but lack the resources to show their locks some TLC. We are encouraging community and it’s been phenomenal.

Ada: For a long time we couldn’t really identify with the natural hair videos on YouTube because most them were geared more towards the African American market—not saying there is anything wrong with that—but maybe some girls weren’t seeing their hair type represented.

What can people expect when you stop in their city?

Ada: There are live hair demos (we pick girls from the audience!) and experts who share styling tips and tricks. You’ll hang and network with other curly girls—you might just meet your next partner in crime! And if you have hair products at home collecting dust (who doesn’t?), you can donate them and trade up for something new.

How did you make it happen?

Rocio: Many people have ideas but don’t put them to work. Everything about our tour took a lot of thought and planning. We had to be prepared to answer any questions that could come about when pitching to brands. [Kia Latino, SheaMoisture, and Curls are just a few of the tour’s sponsors.]

Ada: We found our photographer on Instagram and we had worked with our videographer on another project and fell in love with her. My hairstylist has been on board since day one and it’s been fun seeing her give live haircuts!

How do you feel about the natural vs. relaxed hair controversy?

Rocio: In my opinion, you can rock your hair however you want, whatever makes you happy. I’m all for healthy hair. If you straighten or relax your hair and it still has shine, then go for it. If you’re going to wear your hair straight, it’s really just about remembering where your roots come from.

What have you learned from being your own boss?

Ada: The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. You truly have to be passionate about the work that you are doing in order to persevere and push through the hard days.

Rocio: With extensive planning and curating this six-city tour, time management is crucial. I’ve also learned that not giving myself enough time to unwind could be detrimental to how I run my business. I can’t be a boss if I’m burnt out!