How To: Wear a Soft Bob Like Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez recently lopped off her long straightened locks in favor of this gentle bob, dramatically updating her overall look. According to Robert Ramos, who styles the coifs of Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba at the venerable Estilo Salon in Los Angeles, “A lot of women can wear this hair style. You can fingerwave it for that 1920s/1930s look, or slick it back for a severe 1980s look.”

Depending on your face shape, you can also ask your hairdresser to make adjustments. “If you have a round face, you might want to leave it longer to create the illusion of length,” advises Ramos. “If you have a longer face, you might not want to part it down the center. You might want todo a low side part like Dania. Cut it to your jaw to make your face look wider, and maybe even some long bangs.”

If you’re starting with extremely curly natural hair like Dania, begin the process by spraying a lightweight leave in conditioner throughout your tresses. Ramos recommends his own Robert Ramos Spray Leave-In ($25, which contains three botanicals: aloe vera, horsetail and green tea, all helping to protect hair from the sun and promote shine. He also says the Leave-In will provide an extra barrier against thermal styling.

Next, apply a tiny dollop of Davines Defining Artifixture Style Gel ($19.49, while it’s still wet. “Not too much,” warns Ramos. “Too much will make it greasy.”

Working in sections, blow out your hair with a big round brush to straighten and smooth. Using the brush, accentuate that subtle bend in the hair.

Then, Ramos recommends using a texturizing paste like Magic Move from Japan ($24.95, “Break up a dime sized amount in your hands,” says Ramos, “and lightly run it through your hair. Then tuck it behind your ear.”

Finally, use a dry aerosol hairspray, like the Shaper by Sebastian ($10.80,, to hold the finished look.

Serena Kim