How To: Trim Those Bangs!

We’re down for a little forehead fringe, but celebrities such as Zoe Saldana and Alejandra Alberti have been spotted with excessive bangs, poking out their eyes and threatening visibility. And yet, it’s no fun to shell out an arm and a leg to pay a hairstylist just to trim bangs. So here’s a quick step-by-step for maintaining your bangs at home between salon visits. Watch and learn, Zoe.

Step 1:
Make sure your hair is bone dry and styled how you would normally wear it.

Step 2:
Think of trimming your bangs more like sculpting; in this case, your hair is your medium. Arm yourself with an extremely sharp and fairly small set of haircutting shears. Don’t even think of using those orange office scissors.

Step 3:
Angling your shears vertically so they point upward, make tiny little snips moving along the edge of your bangs, from iris to iris. Go short enough so you can see out from under your bangs. But not too short!

Step 4:
Brush the clippings off of your face with a big powder brush and bask in the glory of no longer looking a sheepdog. And hopefully your hairstylist won’t be too alarmed at what you’ve accomplished.

Serena Kim