How To: Sweep Your Hair Into a Romantic Side-Bun

Ana Ortiz, Selena Gomez and Roselyn Sanchez all showed up at the ALMA Awards with a romantic side-bun that softened their faces and showed off their swan-like necks. asked Amy Winer, a Latina hairstylist from Epic Salon in Ventura, California (818-986-2034), for a step-by-step instructional on recreating this camera-ready up-do. “I’ve done this look a lot for special events and award shows,” says Winer, who recently styled the hair for a Baby Phat fashion show. “It’s really a simple up-do that anyone can easily do on herself.”

Step 1: “First, work some smoothing serum through to the ends of your hair. If you have thinner hair than blow-dry with a big, round brush. Or if you have thicker hair, as many Latinas do, then just let your hair dry naturally and then go through it with a big barrel curling iron—smoothing and curling all of your strands.”

Step 2: “Then do some light teasing on your crown then smooth all of your hair into a very loose side ponytail using a non-metal elastic.”

Step 3: “Using a few very large hairpins—not bobby pins, drag the ends of your hair and tuck it into the ponytail. You never want any pin to show. It’s important to use the pin to secure your hair and not your fingers to make sure that the look is very natural.”

Step 4: “Pull a few tendrils down on either side to soften your face.”

Step 5: “Sweep your bangs to the side with the bun.”

Step 6: “It’s also a nice touch to put a flower by your ear.”

Step 7: “Finally, spray evenly with a medium-hold, aerosol hairspray. This style has lots of movement, so don’t use anything to stiff or sticky or you’ll lose the soft, natural look of the style.”

—Serena Kim