How to Guarantee Perfect Hair Color

Between wanting to freshen up your look for the new year and giving our slightly duller wintertime complexion a boost, we’ve been dyeing—make that dying—for a hair color change like Jennifer Lopez’s gorgeous golden-brown hue.

Beauty Transformation: Jennifer Lopez

But before we blindly jump into just anyone’s salon chair, hair colorist Beth Minardi, who’s worked with Cameron Diaz, has a great new website full of helpful info, like these three awesome tips:

1. You want a pro colorist—someone who specializes in hair color—to give you your major color transformation, not a stylist who mostly cuts hair, but also sometimes dyes hair.

2. Don’t wear makeup or a turtleneck to your appointment. Your colorist needs to see your true skin tone in order to know what hair color will complement it perfectly.

3. Book your appointment in the morning when your colorist is fresh, wide-awake, and full of inspiration!