How-To: Get Big, Bouncy Curls

To make these sexy curls, you have to apply heat to long hair. And according Javier Oropeza of Sterling Salon in Studio City, California, you can apply heat in two different ways: Hot rollers or a curling iron. Oropeza says a curling iron is the better bet for people who already have a little wave and layers in their hair.

Step 1: Wash and dry your hair.

Step 2: Apply a volumizer for curls, such as Barex Mousse or Barex Re-define Creme on damp hair to keep curls intact. 

Step 3: Pin your hair in four sections while leaving the lowest section of it loose. In other words, the crown of your hair should be pinned up as well as most of the back and sides.

Step 4: Using a big barrel curling iron, like Gold 'n' Hot by Belson, which is what many salon professionals use, curl your hair in sections. Take your time. Be patient. Only curl the part of your hair that is from your ears down. The top part should be fairly straight.

Step 5: As you curl each section, let another portion of your hair down from the pins, and repin the remaining sections. Repeat process until all of your hair is bouncy with large, luscious ringlets.

Step 6: Set with a good, generous spritz of hairspray.

Step 7: You can wear this look for at least three days—maybe more.
After you go to sleep, you'll wake up with sexy, tousled bedhead, which is another hot style. Just ask Gisele.

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—Serena Kim