6 Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Summer

Getting your hair to behave on those humid summer days can be a major dolor de cabeza. Save yourself the agony and try a few (or all) of these low maintenance hairstyles to get you through the season. 

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1. Halo Braid Bun

Keep your rizos at bay with this soft and pretty halo braid like Jhene Aiko. For a simpler version, part one section of your hair in the front and create a braid. Then simply twist the remainder of your hair into a bun and pin your braid across the crown of your head leaving a few front strands out. 

2. High Pony

A high ponytail is a life saver, especially on those hot summer days. Add texture to this classic look by lightly curling the tail like La La Anthony

3. Undone Top Knot

Channel your inner Jennifer Lopez with this undone top knot. Whether you're heading for a stroll in the park or doing dinner with friends, this simple look works for all occasions. 

4. Dutch Braids

Whether you have short, long, thick or thin strands, you can never go wrong with braids for a cute and simple look. Dutch braids are perfect for chicas with long strands, just ask Bella Thorne

5. Slicked Back Hair

Blow-dry your hair, apply a texturizing spray, pin at the sides and you've got a sexy slicked back hairdo like Christina Milian. No pesky fly-aways here! 

6. Side Pinned Curls

If your curls are having a bad hair day, simply pin down one side with a few creaseless pins at the back for a cute side-pinned look. Best of all, you can easily dress this look down or up like Yaya DaCosta