10 Easy Hair Tips for Gorgeous Locks

Has every day felt like a bad hair day? Change your 'do (and your outlook) with these hot tips from hairstylist Mitch Stone, who has worked with celebrities for 25 years, including the pop diva herself: Jennifer Lopez.

Say bye-bye to dry hair with these three tips:

Tip 1: Shampoo your hair only when necessary. When you do shampoo, always follow with a conditioner. On the days you don’t shampoo, try using a leave-in conditioner.

Tip 2: When hair is wet, handle it with care. Avoid a lot of pulling or tugging. 

Tip 3: There are many inexpensive at-home DIY treatments. Search for recipes that will help replenish the oil in your hair.

Dealing with limp locks? Here’s how to add some volume! 

Tip 1: Get a good haircut.  Really, this works! Try a short or layered hairstyle – or better yet, ask your stylist for their suggestions. 

Tip 2: Choose the right shampoo and conditioner…and if your hair is oily, you may want to skip the conditioner.

Tip 3: Don’t over-brush your hair.  If your hair is oily, continued brushing will carry the oils down the hair, making it more limp.

How to style limp hair:

"Start by applying a volumizer to the hair from the root to halfway up the shaft of the hair.  Smooth the product through while drying your hair.  Take turns flipping you hair over as you dry it to add volume.  Another trick is to tease the root and then lock in the volume with a strong hair spray that will last all day."

Products I recommend: Mitch Stone Essentials Voluminizing Texture Spray and Mitch Stone Essentials Set In Stone Spray

What hair product is the most essential or a definite must-have?

“The most essential products in my kit are the same ones you need on your bathroom counter.  You need something for volume, something for shine and something for hold.  These three products are the basis of nearly every hairstyle. In my 25 years in Hollywood, I have found these three products are the essentials."

For the girl on the go, what's the one thing she can do straight out of the shower to keep her hair looking its best?

“Start by towel drying your hair and then running gloss drops through from root to ends.  It will help to add shine to the hair, while keeping fly-aways at bay.  Next, throw your hair in a braid (or maybe two braids).  You can let it air dry (or blow dry it if you have time) and then remove the braids to unveil a natural looking wave.”

How often should women wash their hair? How do you decrease greasiness/keep it looking good between washings?

“How often a woman should wash her hair is up to the individual based on their lifestyle and daily activities.  That said, a good rule of thumb is three to four days a week.  This will give your hair a much-needed break (especially if it is chemically treated). 

In between washes, women now have the option of dry shampoo.  This is a must-have, if you are not washing your hair everyday.  With dry shampoo, you can still get the style you desire, without the greasy look you dread.  A wonderful side effect of using dry shampoo? Volume!”