6 Hair Tips Every Afro-Latina Should Know!

We love when Afro-Latina celebs like Esperanza Spalding and Yaya DaCosta, flaunt their natural curls. We also love the smooth sleek looks regularly rocked by Rosario Dawson and Zoe Saldana. Whether you’re embracing your curls or styling them straight there are so many questions about how to take care of your hair. So what SHOULD you know? We asked Curl Expert Christo of Curlisto for hair care and styling tips just for Afro-Latinas:

1. What are the top mistakes women with this texture often make?

The natural texture of Afro-Latin hair is inclined to be drier than most textures, which is why the number one mistake is not maintaining the health of the curls, keeping hair moisturized is key.

Cut is key. The wrong haircut causes out of control, pyramid-shape look.  When women with this with this hair texture want layers, they should opt for long diagonal angle layers (over flat layers), which reduces bulk and helps the curl to interlock, leaving curls tamed and defined!

2. What are the ingredients to look out for or avoid in shampoo and conditioner?

What are the ingredients to look out for or avoid in shampoo and conditioner?

Avoid silicones, oils and waxes!  The truth behind these ingredients is that they are a just a quick fix, coating the hair shaft providing temporary shine, but frequent use of products containing these ingredients creates builds up, suffocating and weakening the follicles over time that can cause damage and even hair loss. Opt for nutrient rich products that will feed moisture; look for ingredients that benefit your hair and complete the natural keratin of your hair such as corn, wheat and rice proteins, amino acids and botanical extracts. 

Products to Consider: Natural Curls Cleanser | Natural Curls Conditioner


3. What are tips to fight frizz and keep your hair happy & healthy looking?

What are tips to fight frizz and keep your hair happy & healthy looking?

We eat to survive and the same applies to your hair.  It is imperative to regularly feed essential nutrients to your hair with deep conditioning treatments, such as curlisto Deep Therapy Masque, on a consistent basis, at least once a week and leave for about 8-10 minutes. If the cortex  (or inner layer) of the hair becomes depleted of its natural keratin, then hair essentially goes into starvation mode: a state in which the hair responds similar to a sponge, taking in all the humidity, and in turn reacts by causing frizz.

Prodcut to Consider: Deep Therapy Masque

4. What are the best techniques to style this type of curl?

Before styling use a leave-in treatment to keep strands hydrated.  The best technique to ensure optimal styling is to section your hair, using the Curlisto method, creating at least 5 main sections: lower nape, 2 sides, center back and crown.  Apply your styling product section by section, this helps for product to be evenly distributed and you gives you the leverage of better styling your hair!

5. What should Afro-Latinas keep in mind when going straight & heat styling their hair?

It is all about using the right styling products!  First make sure hair is well conditioned, so prior to any styling use a leave-in treatment/conditioner.  Shield your hair from the damage that heat tools can cause by using a heat protectant, such as Curlisto Straight Time Glaze, a thermal protectant that soothes and conditions the strands.  Again no oils should be used as you would just be essentially cooking your hair!  

Product to Consider: Straight Time Glaze

6. What are the best ways to find out what products your hair will respond to?

The best suggestion, especially if you are more of a visual person, is to buy travel size version of the product you want to try so that you have enough product to try for a full head styling!  Then you can invest to a full size styling products later as opposed to having cemetery of products that did not work for you!   

Product to Consider: Tight Curl Kit