Hair Play: The Chicest Ways to Accessorize Your Locks

1. Hair Accessories - Netting

For the ultimate vintage look, wear a little netting in your hair ($24, and create an air of mystery.

2. Hair Accessories - Feathers

The feather trend predicted for fall has finally trickled down into hairclips, which is one completely wearable and creative way to use plumage to your advantage. We are wild about this long feather hairclip ($13, and the whole Stevie Nicks vibe it creates.

3. Hair Accessories - Scarfband

It's a drag when you are wearing a cute, silky scarf in your hair, but it keeps sliding off revealing an unpleasantly flattened 'do beneath. Scunci's solution is simple: a flexible scarfband kit ($10, that comes with a firm, plastic headband that you can slide under different scarves for variety.

4. Hair Accessories - Elastic

Though these sparkly elastic headbands ($10, were originally intended to be worn at the crown of the head, you could easily slide them down to your forehead and rock them in that 1980s Olivia Newton-John way.

5. Hair Accessories - Flower

Why wait until your wedding day to wear a beautiful, realistic silk flower in your hair? This pink dahlia ($12, beckons spring no matter how drab the weather.

6. Hair Accessories - Beret

Now that the weather is cooling down, it's the perfect opportunity to throw on a jaunty sequined beret ($78, It'll keep you warm and any of your hair flaws under wraps. Tip: when it comes to buying hats, don't skimp on quality.

7. Hair Accessories - Ponytail Holder

Who cares if your elastic ponytail holder shows when it's this cute! The sunny yellow flower ($3.80, is a great way to work the mustard trend that's happening right now.

8. Hair Accessories - Tie Dye

This tie-dye hairband evokes the cool waters of the Caribbean, and it's got the relaxed vibe of a Bohemian headwrap, too--though it's really secured with stretchy elastic in the back ($3.80, You can also twist it into a thinner headband to mix things up.