4 Hair Color Trends to Try Now!

The hoildays are upon us–meaning more gatherings, more parties and more faces. But have you had the same look since last year? It might be time to switch things up! We got the scoop from celebrity hairstylist Marcos Carrasquillo on easy ways to change up your hair this season. Check out the hair color trends that will turn some heads:

1. hair slide 01 go dark red

Go Dark Red

A new season calls for a color change. A color makeover freshens up your look and adds depth along with new shine. After all, colder temperatures expose our hair to fewer activities that may cause color to fade, so darker color, deeper reds, or brighter coppers will benefit more than when having it during the summer.

Try: L'Oréal Paris Feria Power Red, which carries four rich auburn shades that will leave the right hair color statement.

2. hair slide 02 ombre

Go Ombre

Ombré has been spotted on red carpets now more than ever and is a great color option for us girls with darker hair. If you’re the beauty risk-taker, go for it and play with some color!

Try: L'Oréal Paris Feria Wild Ombré, which is the ombre you can do at home!

3. hair slide 03 bronde

Go Bronde (or “Brown Blonde”)

This shade is the perfect combination that brings forward a mix of blonde and brunette. Jennifer Lopez made this a very popular hair color back in 2007 and remains popular today.

Try: L'Oréal Paris Super Preference Iced Golden Brown leaves your hair with a healthy, golden “bronde.”

4. hair slide 04 platinum

Go Platinum Blonde

If you’re trying to achieve that Malibu Barbie doll look– it’s time to go platinum! Just make sure your hair is healthy, you’ll need healthy strands to pull this off.

Try: L'Oréal Paris Feria Absolute Platinum, which will leave you with a cutting edge platinum shade. It does the job of lightening up to 6 levels with its advanced lightening system. Be bold and try the platinum look.