5 Easy Steps to Get J.Lo’s Hairstyle!

Jennifer Lopez is a hair chameleon. She’s always changing up her do, and we’re always impressed with her look! Ready to steal it? Here’s how to get her look in five easy steps, straight from stylist Mitch Stone, whose clients include Brooke Shields, Brooke Burke, and yep, you guessed it – J.Lo.

“Picking my favorite J.Lo look is a difficult feat! How does anyone pick just one?! J.Lo has amazing versatility, which means there is likely a look for everyone to love. But, if I am forced to choose one look I love on J.Lo, it would be when she wears super-sexy, curly hair!”

Ready, set, go:

1. Start with by applying a texturizing spray (try Mitch Stone Essentials Voluminizing Texture Spray) to the roots.

2. Flip your hair upside down while blowing it dry. 

3. After drying, add Shine Drops or a thermal protector for not only sheen, but protection as you prepare your hair for the curling iron. 

4. Next, use a curling iron throughout your hair, twisting sections of all different sizes in different directions.  Once you have completed the curls, separate the curls with your fingers.

5. Last, flip your head over once more and set the style with your desired strength hair spray.  Repeat until you have that super sexy, wild look! (Want some more oomph? Stone says teasing a bit at the roots helps too!)

Mitch Stone is a celebrity hair stylist, academy award winner and creative director for Mitch Stone Essentials hair products. http://mitchstonehair.com/