Get the Look: Sofia Vergara's High Ponytail

It’s rare to see Colombian Sofia Vergara wear her hair in any other way than in a long, bouncy blowout, so we took a double take to make sure that this was indeed the funny Modern Family mama posing at the Guild Awards.

Sofia Vergara On Her Sexy Style & Her New Kmart Line

Her refreshing hairstyle change is a nod to the coming springtime’s major hair trend: the ponytail.

Although you surely already know how to put your hair into a ponytail, there are a few key secrets to turning this gym-staple into award show knockout:

1. To prevent your strands from slicking against the top of your head, spritz a root-lifting spray (try L’Oreal EverStyle Volume Root Lifting Spray, $6, onto damp roots before you blow dry hair, then tease the top front section. 

2. While the hair at the top of your head should keep its volume, you should pull the hair at the sides of your head back as tightly as you can for the sleekest, most un-sloppy look.

3. The trick to preventing bumps? Tilt your head back as you pull hair into the ponytail.

4. Instead of a regular elastic band, pro stylists secure ponytails with bungee bands ($3.50,, which hold the ponytail much tighter. 

That’s it—four secret steps and you’ve gone from a basic ho-hum hairstyle to the hottest look on the red carpet!