Get the Look: Shakira’s Sexy Waves

It wasn’t just Shakira’s Female International Artist of the Year Award that made the Colombian the biggest winner of the night. We also loved that she wore her hair wavy!

To get her sexy spirals:

  1. Scrunch hair when it’s wet, then let it air-dry (so you’ll keep your natural texture and volume).
  2. Now spray a one-inch section of hair with hairspray (like L’Oreal Elnett, $14,
  3. Wind the section around the barrel of a 1-inch curling iron (don’t open the clamp).
  4. Gently pull the curling iron away from the curl, then hold the curled shape with your fingers for a minute while it cools.
  5. Repeat until you’ve curled all the sections (or if you already have a lot of natural wave, then you can simply focus on the sections that aren’t curly or are a little frizzy).
  6. Lightly spritz hairspray on the finished look (hold the can an arm’s-length away as you spray to ensure you don’t load on too much).
  7. Lastly, if hair is too wavy, run your fingers through it to break up the curls a bit.   

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