Get Lauren Velez's Perfect Blowout in Four Easy Steps

Our favorite Dexter star, Lauren Velez, is showing off this season’s go-to hair trend: the full-bodied blowout, with lots of lift at the roots and a loose wave at the ends. We asked Noël, hairstylist for Birds' Eye Entertainment, how to recreate Lauren’s bouncy blowout. Here are her styling secrets!

1. Wash and condition hair with a frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner (like Urban Therapy Twisted Sista De-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner,$5.49 each, to defend against frizz-inducing weather.

2. Blot—don’t rub—the water out of your hair with a towel, then apply a straightening product (like Lanza Straight-Line Smoothing Balm, $14, from roots to ends. Comb through to make sure you distribute it evenly.

3. Part hair into four equal sections. Spritz a volumizing spray (like Suave Professionals Root Lifter, $3, on your roots (this will maximize volume), then use a round brush to smooth each 1 1/2 inch section of hair as you blow dry. For the front half: pull hair towards your face (opposite the direction of hair growth) as you dry it. For the back half:  wrap hair around the round brush completely while drying. After each section dries, roll it around your fingers then pin it to your head with a bobby pin.

4. Once all of your hair is pinned, mist a light hair spray (like L'Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray, $12.49, over your entire head to help set hair. Wait 20 minutes, then take out the pins. If you have too much wave, gently brush your hair with a paddle brush.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. But the look will last for days. Refresh the style each morning with a quick shot of the blow dryer and a little more hairspray and you’re good to go!