Get Cameron’s Beach Waves!

If we had to choose one hairstyle to master this summer, it’s definitely Cameron Diaz’s beachy texture. Her relaxed waves give off that easy, breezy summer vibe we all want to have, and it’s the perfect ratio of casual and sexy. Plus, guys aren’t scared to run their hands through your hair, a windy day only gives it more texture, and it doesn’t take incredible talent to do. Here’s the step-by-step:

When hair is damp, spritz a salt spray through strands. More than one Latina staffer is currently obsessed with Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves, $24,

Scrunch and twist strands of your hair, then let it air dry. 

For a smoother finish—like Cam’s—take any frizzy or too-straight pieces and wrap them around a styling wand, which is a curling iron that doesn’t have a clamp, like this T3 one.  The trick is to hold the wand vertically so that the handle is at the top of your head and the tip is pointing down. Starting at the roots, wrap a 2-inch section away from your face and around the barrel. Hold for ten seconds, then gently pull the wand out of the twisted hair. You’ll be left with a subtle, kink-free wave!

Or if you want a wave that’s more defined than this, check out another cool wave-making tool we love!