Fergie: Brunettes Have More Fun

Singer Fergie, who recently debuted a self-titled footwear line, dished to People.com about her decision to go from blonde to brunette, and says she didn’t take the shift lightly. “It’s kind of a new era for me,” Fergie says. “I’m married, new Black Eyed Peas [album], getting back with them. I’m in a new place in my life and just evolving, and I wanted a change. And I’m not scared of change at all.”

When asked if blondes have more fun, Fergie was quick to reject that old stereotype. “I’m really having fun with it,” she insisted. Plus, she’s relieved that she can reintroduce the color pink back into her wardrobe. “It’s just funny because I didn’t want to look like a complete Barbie doll before, but now it has no relevance.”