EXCLUSIVE: Snooki's Hairstylist Tells Us About Her New Look—and How He Finally Got Her to Ditch the Poof!

When The Jersey Shore's Snooki was ready to undergo a hair color transformation recently, she turned to fellow Latino Antonio L. Rosa, a stylist and colorist at Senses New York Salon and Spa (sensesny.com). What Snooki didn’t know was that this was also the day she’d let go of her signature poof. Antonio explains to us how the poof (and the color transformation) went down:
“When Snooki walked in she said, ‘I want to be a redhead!,’ and she specifically requested a red violet shade, which complements her dark fake tan," says Antonio. "After I was done coloring her hair, I told her that I thought it was time to get rid of the poof. She admitted that she’d been thinking about it; but she was worried about disappointing her fans, plus it [the poof] does add five inches to her tiny 4’9” height. In the end, she agreed to go for it. So I applied Sojourn Smoothing Serum to her damp hair, blew it out with a round brush, then flat ironed it straight. She loved it!”
Still, Antonio says he won’t be too surprised if Snooki goes back to the sky-high hair. There’s a rumor that she may launch a create-your-own-poof toolkit. No word on what will be in it. Our guess? A supersize bottle of extra hold hairspray, a teasing comb, and a large butterfly clip.

So tell us...