Get Salma Hayek's Golden Globes Hair!

Hairstylist Robert Vetica just sent us his secrets to creating Salma Hayek's stunning hairstyle at the Golden Globes! Here are his insider tips:

"Salma's look was reminiscent of modern hollywood noir," says Vetica. He added hair extensions to "complement the noir feeling" then blew dry hair with a large round brush to create awesome volume. Next, he curled each two-inch section with a one-half inch curling iron."Because of the length, I wanted the curl a bit tighter knowing that by the time I finished the curl, it would drop into a loose wave," says Vetica.

Before Salma walked out the door, Vetica brushed out the curls and "gave the root a good teasing to maintain the volume" then loosened it up with his fingers and finished with a shot of hair spray for hold. Gorgeous!