Eva Mendes is the New Face of Pantene!

Pantene just made one very smart move: they’ve scored Eva Mendes—one of the most beautiful brunettes in Hollywood—as their new celebrity ambassador. In an exclusive interview with the Last Night star, we asked her why she decided to star in Pantene’s campaign.

“I grew up on Pantene! My sisters, my mom, and I have always loved it. It was  the brand we splurged on at the drugstore. It was a luxury that was still attainable,” Mendes explained. “Plus, Pantene is so honest. When I met with them they touched my hair to check the texture and to make sure I didn’t have hair extensions. There were no tricks on the photo shoot—no false advertising here! That was important to me.”

So what’s Eva’s must-have Pantene product? “Definitely the Medium-Thick Breakage to Strength Conditioner. It’s just wow!, especially for our kind of hair,” says Mendes. “The amount of torture I put my hair through with flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons leaves it extremely damaged, but the minute I put this conditioner on it becomes silky, silky, silky.”

You’ll start seeing Eva—and her silky hair—in Pantene ads starting in July!