Don't Make These Mistakes When Switching Up Your hair Color

Don't Make These Mistakes When Switching Up Your hair Color
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Stars love to go light, then dark, then light again, but all of these color change-ups can mean dry, damaged strands. No one likes a head of straw, so we turned to Ted Gibson Co-Owner and Celebrity Colorist, Jason Backe, for the insider intel on how to keep your locks looking (and feeling) gorge 24/7.

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When going from dark to light:

  • You can only go lighter with a permanent hair color or bleach. Semi or demi permanent colors only deposit tone, they don’t lighten.
  • When using permanent hair color, choose an ash or cool shade to help neutralize unwanted warm tones.
  • When using bleach don’t freak out when it turns orange. That’s part of the process! If you keep letting the product work it will continue to lighten until it dries out. Once the product dries, if you want your hair lighter you need to reapply. In most cases when lightening with bleach you need to follow up with a semi or demi permanent toner.

When going from light to dark:

  • If you are very blond you need to make sure you choose a deeper shade with a lot of gold in it or your hair will turn green.
  • Try using a demi or semi-permanent hair color first. If you decide you don’t like it or you want to change it, a permanent hair color will be more difficult to adjust.
  • The only way you can guarantee a great end result when coloring your hair from dark to light is to trust your salon professional. To maintain your color make sure you protect it from the sun and use color protecting products like L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino AOX Shampoo and Conditioner.

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