Does This Work? The TopStyler

Welcome to the first day of our month-long Latina Editor Beauty Road Test! Each editor has chosen a few beauty products and tools to put to the test, and will be writing about her results here. We’re trying everything from eye creams to self-tanners to at-home keratin straightening treatments, so check back often! And if there’s a product you’ve been curious about, let us know—we’ll be happy to give it a go for you. To kick-off the series, I decided to see if the TopStyler could really give me the retro waves all my favorite celebrities have been rocking on the red carpet. Read on for the verdict:

What it is: The TopStyler, $119,

The claim: “Create everything from natural curls to beachy waves with these heated clips. Curls last three days and the ceramic clips won’t damage hair.”
My results: Today, right here at my desk, I finally decided to test the TopStyler (which is basically a hot roller set, but the rollers are ceramic clips, called C-Shells). After writing a few emails, the TopStyler’s indicator light turned green to show that the clips were ready to use. While looking in a mirror, I grabbed a two-inch section of hair, wrapped it around two fingers, slid the rolled up hair off my fingers and clipped it with one of the hot C-Shells. I repeated this till all my hair was clipped up. It’s a little difficult to always create a great finger curl; the ends of my hair sometimes splayed out, or I didn’t attach the clip perfectly, but that didn’t seem to matter too much. After ten minutes (and a few weird looks from my coworkers), I easily removed all the clips. My straight hair was suddenly incredibly curly! To soften the curls into retro waves, I brushed them once with a paddle brush. I’m completely impressed with how easy and fast it was to create these pretty waves, but they definitely lost their definition after a couple of hours (unlike staying put for the 3 days the company claims!). Next time, I’ll spray my hair with a hairspray beforehand to help hold the waves for longer.  

Overall score (out of 5 stars): 4 stars