Does This Work? Keratin Perfect 30 Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System

Fashion Market Editor Verky Arcos reviews this new keratin treatment.

What it is: Keratin Perfect 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System, $235 (including flat iron, clips, brush, and all hair products) or $65 (only smoothing duo treatment),

The Claim: Fills in rough spots, repairs weakened strands, and gets rid of frizzy, uneven textured hair, giving you smoother, healthier hair for 30 days without having to go to the salon.

My Results: I’m not one of those girls that get their hair professionally blow-dried once a week. I can’t do it; I’d rather spend that time shopping. For this reason my hair is usually in a messy updo…or it’s frizzy. About a year ago, I discovered the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the wonders it does for my frizzy hair. I was immediately hooked. The problem: these Brazilian Keratin treatments are expensive! Which is why I agreed to try this at-home version. If it works, it’ll save me some money.

After washing my hair three times and smoothing the treatment through my strands, I began to blow it dry. This was the part I was dreading, but after I was done my hair felt silky and lovely. For the last step, I had to flat iron my hair two inches at a time with a flat iron heated to 450 degrees. My hair felt very smooth and light, which was surprising; the pro treatment made my hair feel very heavy. This, of course, makes me wonder if I didn’t use enough of the treatment.

Two days later, I washed my hair. It did look shinier and my curls were looser, but while it helped tame some of the frizz, I wouldn’t say I’m frizz-free. Would I do this again? For $65, yes. For $235 (which is what it costs if you want the flat iron and all the products)? No. I can find a pro treatment for that price.

Rating: I'd give this at-home Keratin treatment experience 3 out of 5 stars.