Does This Work? Gold N Hot Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver

For today’s 30 Days of Beauty Road Testing, one of our staff members, Lisa V., tried another interesting-looking hot tool (to read about the first one we tested, click here).

Here’s how it went:

The Product: Gold N Hot Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver, $39.99,

The Claim: This easy-to-use iron creates gorgeous waves throughout your hair.
The Process:
To this curly haired girl, the idea of being able to have tame, smooth waves was exciting enough to make me try this strange-looking Hummer of a curling iron.

To start, I blew out my hair with a large round brush, which straightened my hair but left me with some body. Then I grabbed the now hot curling iron and realized that I had NO idea what I was doing! I searched the box for some directions and to my dismay there were none.

So I tried a few different techniques I made up:

1.     The Roll. I rolled a section of my hair around the barrel and then clamped.

2.     The Waffle. I clamped a huge chunk of hair, released, then clamped the next section.

3.     The Weave. I weaved my hair in and out of the two barrels.

My Results:

No soft curls. No beachy waves. My hair looked slightly bent in a few spots around my head. Plus, I kept grabbing the end of the hot barrel with my hand (ouch!) and needing to take breaks because of how huge and heavy the iron was.

Overall Score: I have not given up on my beach wave dream, but this guy is getting tossed back to sea unless I figure out the right way to use it! For now, 0 out of 5 stars.

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