Does This Really Work? Shine Enhancing Flat Iron

I don’t like to straighten my hair too often because my long curls make it a chore. However, I would try anything that claims to add shine to my hair, so I just straightened my locks with Remington Shine Therapy Conditioning Iron ($50, The ceramic plates in this tool are infused with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E to help make your hair shinier. These conditioners are released from the plates and onto your hair with the heat of the iron.

I set it at the lowest temperature at 300° (mainly because I’m scared to go any higher), and it easily loosened my curls with only one or two passes. You would never know the ceramic plates have conditioners inside until you pass your strands through them. It didn’t make my hair a frizzy mess like other straightening irons have done. The conditioning plates also made my hair feel nice and soft and didn’t leave any greasy residue. Once I was all done, my hair looked shinier than when I started, but not as much as I expected. For me, the best part about using this iron is that it didn’t make my hair look frizzy and damaged. Instead, it gave me beautifully smooth results I can live with.