Does This Really Work: Scalp Clinic

Do you have scalp or hair questions that you’d like answered? Perhaps you have an itchy scalp or you’ve noticed your hair is thinning? You can talk to a trichologist. "A what?" Allow me to explain: A trichologist specializes in the study of hair and scalp. Philip Kingsley has been practicing trichology for more than 50 years and owns clinics in New York City and London.

I checked out the NYC clinic a few months ago and had a very interesting experience. Once I got to the clinic, I was escorted to an office where I met with a qualified trichologist. He must have asked me 101 questions, from what foods I eat to the type of products I use on my hair. And after answering them and asking some of my own, he examined my scalp. I learned that I probably have Mongolian roots in my ancestry based on the density of my hair follicle. Interesting indeed! Then I received a “prescription” on how to care for my scalp and hair and what vitamins I should take to maintain them. The last step in the appointment is a treatment based on your specific needs using Philip Kinsley products, complete with a scalp massage and all.

This was a great learning experience for me, and it was so interesting to find out how much my scalp and hair follicles can tell about my diet, lifestyle and even ancestry. A consultation at the clinic can be pricey, but if you just have a few questions, you can get some answers for free by calling the clinic. Or you can opt for a phone consultation for $80 to get to the bottom of your scalp-scratching questions. You can get more information about the clinic and Philip Kingsley products at