Does This Really Work: Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color

When I received a sample of Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color ($6 at drugstores and mass retailers) a few days ago, it brought me back to the first time I tried it several years ago at my abuelita’s house after looking for a quick fix to cover my highlights, which were looking more bleached blonde than medium brown. This temporary hair color is a color-depositing liquid that washes out when you shampoo. Since it doesn’t have ammonia or peroxide it doesn’t permanently change your shade. Traditionally, Fanci-Full is meant to hide grey hairs, but can also be used to darken highlights or test out a different shade without the commitment.

The brand has now reformulated the 75+ year-old formula with conditioning properties. I tested it again to see how the revamped version worked. I squeezed out a small amount of the Plush Brown shade (1 of 6 shades) and applied it to some lighter strands while my hair was still damp after washing, then styled with my usual products. It can get a little messy with the colored liquid, so you have to wash your hands right after and not wear anything precious while your hair is still wet! I liked the results, though. It intensified my brown hue, making it look richer without having to go the permanent route with harsh chemicals. And hey, if you don’t like it you can simply wash it out and start off with a clean slate the next day.