Does This Really Work: DevaFuser Kit

The owners of Devachan, a salon in NYC that specializes in curly hair, have a line of hair care products and invented this special diffuser they’ve been using at their locations for years. Previously only sold with the Devachan dryer, the DevaFuser is now available for purchase on it’s own with an adaptable base that attaches to your own blow-dryer.

This diffuser is so unique – it’s not your old-school round type; it’s actually shaped like an open hand with five "fingers." At first, I wasn’t too crazy about it: It was big, the fingers were getting tangled in my curls…it was just awkward. But after some practice, I got the hang of it. Instead of flipping your head over and scrunching the diffuser up into your hair, you use this one by keeping your head straight and gently guiding the diffuser ‘hand’ around your scalp, allowing it to cradle the curls as they dry.

The $35 kit sold at professional salons also comes with a small bottle of Set It Free Moisture Lock Spray. I sprayed some on my hair before and after drying to control the frizzies, it definitely helped, but it made my hair a little crunchy. After using DevaFuser several times, I really like how it accentuates my curls and makes them bouncy- bien importante!