Demi Lovato's Hairstylist Reveals Her #1 Hair Secret


What's Demi's natural texture? What can readers do to make sure their hair looks amazing with a new color?

Demi's hair is thick and strong and can take a lot of processing. That's obviously not the case for most people. I always recommend doing hair tests on someone when trying to go for a big change. You can use the same color on everyone and get different results! So it's best to see beforehand how well the hair will lighten or darken.

For instance, fine hair will normally lighten faster than thicker hair, and previously dyed hair will not lighten as fast as virgin hair. It's best not to take that chance, have patience and don't push your hair too much.

What's Demi's next color going to be?

I think as far as hair goes, Demi will always do something to get our attention. The only thing I say without giving too much away is stay tuned... we have fun stuff in the works!