Test Run: Changing Up Your Look With Daisy Fuentes' Wigs!

Daisy Fuentes Wigs
Getty Images

I’ve always been a commitment-phobe when it comes to cutting or coloring my hair. The idea of chopping off my long hair makes me anxious, and I’ll also never know whether or not blondes do have more fun. Just like a child holding on to her security blankie, I’m more comfortable behind a curtain of brown locks.

But when a box of wigs from Daisy Fuentes’s new line, Luxhair Wow, arrived at my desk, I was like a kid in a candy store. I went crazy trying on different-colored bobs and pixie cuts I never thought I’d like. They were fun to play with and looked more realistic than I’d imagined. The synthetic hair felt just as soft as real hair, and the snug fit was comfortable enough to wear all day. Plus, the 16-piece collection comes in 20 natural-looking shades, so there are plenty of options to choose from. After causing a lot of confusion among my coworkers—a few popped into my office wondering about the redhead sitting at my computer—I stepped out into the real world.

It took some time to get over the feeling that everyone was staring at me, but after a while, I began to embrace it. By creating alter egos for each wig—flirty redhead, sexy blonde and black-bobbed femme fatale—my insecurities quickly vanished. And while I’m not ready to say a permanent “I do” to these ’dos, I had lots of fun pretending!

Check out some of the wigs from Daisy's line below: