Cute Beachy Hair

Here's an easy way to get tousled, just-swam-in-the-ocean waves: Apply the right styling product, twist hair into several braids, let loose after a few hours y ya! If your hair is...

First spritz dry hair with a texturizing spray; you need to give strands a rougher, coarser texture so they can hold a wave.
Try Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves Tousled Wave Spray ($20).


Want to keep your waves from going limp? Apply a lightweight volumizing cream to damp hair before braiding. It'll keep ondas thick and bouncy todo el día.
Try Sunsilk Anti-Flat Weightless Volumizing Crème ($4).


Coat wet strands with a leave-in conditioning cream before making braids. It'll keep hair hydrated and frizz at bay.
Try Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Smoothing Leave-In Crème ($3).