Curly Qs: What's the Deal With Frizz?

Frizz is definitely at the top of my list of hair complaints. I’ve noticed several of you readers (rodriguez.lily_79, Rich_21, moni444, AltanticCityChica, Yesi82, etc.) feel the same way. Have you ever wondered why we get these annoying flyaways? I always have, so I did some research.

Frizz is based on the structure of our hair and its reaction to humidity. Curly hair is more porous (think of a sponge) then straight hair; that means it sucks in more moisture from the environment, eventually making it look like a big pouf. Because of its porousness, moisture from within also gets out easily, causing it to be dehydrated—a.k.a. dry! Basically you want to add a product that will moisturize your strands and at the same time block outside humidity.

My favorite frizz-fighting tips: Avoid towel-drying because it rubs against strands and can change its natural pattern, try air-drying instead. Detangle hair in the shower, never when dry. Of course, add a great leave-in or serum to coat strands and smooth hair. And try not to touch your locks throughout the day to reduce friction.

How do you maintain frizz-free locks?