Curly Qs: Summer Hair Essential

Do you ladies let your hair loose when you're on a beach vacation or by a pool? I was never able to let my curls loose because as soon as they got wet and the leave-in was washed out, my hair would become a frizz ball. My usual ritual was gathering it all up into a bun to conceal the mess. This would also help me avoid the drying effects of salt water, chlorine and even the sun, which can strip color. But this option was far less glamorous then the way they show girls in the movies coming out of the ocean with their loose hair intact—or their hair flowing with the breeze as they stroll through the sand. This was never a reality for me until Kerastase Soleil Gelée Aqua Proof ($34, came into my life.

This is a light hair gel that gives a wet look without the uncomfortable crunchy factor. It controls my curls and tames frizz. Gelée Aqua Proof contains UV filters to help protect it against damage from the main culprits I fear while on vacation: salt water, chlorine and the sun. For this reason, this is my hair staple in the summer. I use it on damp hair after washing and adding some leave-in. The formula is also waterproof, so I can swim all I want and it doesn’t wash out in the process. It’s been out with the bun and in with the gelée ever since I started using this product. And now I can pretend I’m one of those girls in the movies when I get out of the ocean and my loose curls are intact. Most importantly, my hair is frizz-free! What are your favorite products to use for your hair in the summer?