Curly Qs: Straightening Rollers

What’s your favorite way of straightening your hair? Do you blow-dry it out with a brush, use a flat iron or prefer to use large rollers? Several stylists have told me using rollers to straighten hair can be less damaging then using a flat iron or blow-dryer since you are not directly exposing strands to intense heat in continuous strokes. Instead, your wet hair is stretched onto large plastic rollers and, depending on how much time you have, is either left to air-dry or you can sit under the hooded dryer with low heat at the salon. Once you’re hair is dry and you remove the rollers, strands have a loose wave that can be brushed out easily.

I remember the first time I saw this method was at a Dominican salon in New Jersey when I was a teenager. The results were so great that I quickly took notes and bought the rollers to straighten my hair at home—you can find packs of them in different sizes at Sally Beauty Supply for under $5—and I’ve been doing it this way ever since. I’ve tried to use the Velcro rollers, but they end up getting tangled in my curls so I continue to use the smooth plastic kind. I like the fact that I can multitask while I have the rollers on and the volume they add to my roots is amazing. It’s straight hair without the scorched repercussions!