Curly Qs: Root-Lifting Trick

I learned a very cool trick at the Ouidad salon the other day. Ouidad is known for her curly hair expertise and amazing frizz-fighting products. At her salon in NYC, they use metal duckbill clips—those clips your stylist uses to hold your rollos—to lift your roots as your hair dries. This allows your roots to have a little volume and not be weighed down by your curls. I never thought these clips, which actually look like a duck’s beak, could be used as a volumizing tool!

The stylists at the salon suggest using a leave-in and gel to style your curls. Then take sections of hair around your crown and snap a clip at the root of each. You can also use two on top of each other to get even more of a boost. Of course, this can be done as you air-dry—but only at home, unless you don’t mind getting weird looks in the street. I’ve been noticing my curls have been sagging lately, so I can’t wait to try this out on my own. This doesn’t just go for curlies, this can work wonders for those with fine or straight hair too. You can find packs of duckbill clips at your local beauty supply store for less then $5. That’s volume on a budget. What do you use to keep your roots from looking droopy?