Curly Qs: Mariah’s Curly Roots

Chart-topping, mega-vocalist Mariah Carey has been sporting her naturally curly locks more often than usual. My curls always look the same, but Mariah has a way of changing hers up so that they look springy one day and more stretched out the next—both are beautiful, of course. At yesterday’s press conference for her new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel in Seoul, South Korea, her wide curls looked enviably smooth. I couldn’t help but wonder what she uses to keep her locks intact—aside from constant touchups from a celebrity hairstylist, I’m sure.

I would never change my tight curls permanently, but it’s always nice to find new ways to style them. So, in an effort to get mine looking like Mariah’s, I searched our beauty closet high and low to find just the right product to help loosen up my curls. I came across Nexxus SilkStyle Calming Smoothing Crème ($13); I applied the sweet smelling lotion on my hair in sections, coiling each with my fingers and pulling down. This made my curls look smooth and longer, but they still had nice curvy movement to them. It’s definitely a style I’m going to keep in mind when I’m in the mood for something different. Thank you, Mariah!