Curly Qs: The Joy of Seda

I’ve been using this amazingly creamy leave-in conditioner called Seda for years. It makes my curls look defined and feel soft, and it controls the frizz factor. Of course, there’s a catch—the only place I can buy it is at a Brazilian bodega in my hometown in New Jersey. I mentioned this to two curly-haired colleagues one day when we were discussing our favorite products. They both told me they use an amazingly creamy leave-in conditioner called Sedal (and they're not the only ones, I've heard rave reviews about this brand before). But this product isn't readily available. The only way they get it is when a family member visits Latin America and brings it back to them. “Are you sure it’s not Seda?” I asked my colleagues. Despite the similarities in texture and the great results it gives, they were sure the product they were using was called Sedal.

So I did a little investigating online to find out more about Seda and Sedal products. Turns out, per the brand website, both brands are owned by Unilever, which sells the products as Sedal in Latin America, Seda in Brazil and Sunsilk in the United States. Wouldn’t you know? The wonder products my colleagues and I were discussing were one and the same. I’ve tried the Sunsilk leave-in version, but it’s not as thick as Seda and doesn’t control my curls as much. So, I’ll stick with my bodega-bought Seda leave-in! And luckily for my colleagues, I found a website ( that sells Sedal products, so they don’t have to wait for Tía Maria to go abroad to bring some back for them. Do you have a favorite hair product you can only find in your hometown or country? Please tell.