Curly Qs: Homemade Aguacate Mask

I’ve always been curious about at-home hair and face masks. Do they really work? I decided to find out a couple of days ago when we received a gift basket in the office with Avocados from Mexico (you can find them at your local grocery store). I checked the brand’s website, , and found recipes for easy-to-make beautifying treatments using avocados, along with some yummy recipes for dinner too. Since avocados are rich in vitamins and moisturizing oils, I decided to try their Enriching Hair Mask on my curls.

It was easy to make. Per the recipe, I squashed a fully ripened avocado and mixed in one egg yolk and a teaspoon of olive oil. After stirring well, I began to apply the mixture to my hair in sections. This process was messy; it felt and looked like I was putting globs of guacamole on my head. So, I would suggest trying this when you’re not expecting any visitors! Once my hair was completely coated I made a bun and left the mask on for a little over 30 minutes. I rinsed it off with water easily and followed with my regular shampoo and conditioner. Afterwards, my strands looked rejuvenated. The creamy mixture and emolient ingredients helped to soothe my dry hair and tame my split ends. Now I can't wait to try other at-home treatments! Any suggestions? What have been your experiences with these types of masks??