Curly Qs: Heat Wrap Trick

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Kurt Hez Lowry, an Aveda master hairstylist. Among other things, we talked about conditioning treatments and how to do them at home. He filled me in on a cheap alternative to using a heat cap for deep treatments: When you feel your hair is in need of some extra TLC, use a deep-conditioning leave-in treatment or mask on strands—then, instead of covering hair in a heat cap, Kurt says you can use cellophane to wrap your hair! And who doesn’t have clear wrap in their kitchen? He suggests putting on the treatment, wrapping your head in cellophane and placing a hot towel over it. The plastic wrap and the hot towel will create a sort of greenhouse effect on your hair: The heat will activate the treatment, while the cellophane will create a barrier to lock in moisture. And your strands will absorb the product better too. Now tell me, chicas: What type of at-home treatments do you use on your locks?