Curly Qs: Haircuts for a Good Cause

I can’t remember the last time I got a haircut. I didn’t mean to grow my hair long, but before I knew it my curls reached the middle of my back. Ready for a change, I made a salon appointment to cut off several inches. I thought about donating my hair, but I wasn’t sure if it would be long enough since the minimum length to donate is usually eight inches. When I arrived at the salon and told the stylist my plan she combed my curls to stretch them out and measured. Eight inches didn’t look like that much so I decided to go with a full 10 inches and told her to chop it off!

I heard the snip of the scissors, which would have made me cringe years ago when I obsessed over long hair, but I really didn’t mind it this time. I figured my curls were ready for something new and the thought of helping someone in need was comforting. Finally, when I looked in the mirror, I really liked the cropped results. My curls now look bouncier, and the best part is that it’s a breeze to wash and style.

I chose to donate my hair to Children with Hairloss, a non-profit organization that offers wigs to children without hair due to medical reasons. But there are several organizations to pick from online, plus sites to learn about the requirements for donating (most organizations only accept hair that hasn’t been chemically treated). I enjoyed this experience so much that I might even grow it out on purpose this time.