Curly Qs: Hair Coloring

With the summer months upon us, you might be thinking about lightening your hair. Some readers expressed their hesitation over getting highlights because they fear damaging their curls. I asked curly hair expert Ouidad to fill us in on this topic. Here are some of her tips:

"It’s important to use a deep conditioner on a regular basis to add moisture to the hair shaft; this will prevent this fragile internal layer from absorbing the color, which can cause the dye to look uneven and hair to become very dry and frizz-prone."

"Highlights on curly hair should be done in fatter sections, as opposed to the finer applications used on straight hair. This is so the highlights will look more balanced with the curl pattern. And try to use a dye with crystal peroxide or ammonia rather then bleach—they're less damaging to hair."

"Shampoo less often and continue to condition hair regularly to allow color to hold longer. Using a sun protectant like Ouidad Sun Shield [$20,] will prevent the rays from stripping your color."

Also good to remember, chicas: When chemically-treating your hair, try not to do another process at the same time, or the next day for that matter. You don’t want to dye your hair on Saturday, highlight it on Sunday and relax it on Monday. That’ll cause damage to any hair texture!