Curly Qs: DevaCurl No-Poo

When it comes to shampooing, I like to see and feel the suds. Maybe this is because I don’t shampoo my hair everyday, so when I do, I like to really scrub my scalp and remove any product buildup from my strands. But did you know that a shampoo's ability to lather has nothing to do with its ability to clean? Contrary to popular belief, the ingredients that create bubbles aren’t the active ingredients that cleanse your hair. We are just accustomed to thinking more suds equal cleaner hair.

With that in mind, I like using DevaCurl No-Poo ($18,, a sulfate-free shampoo that uses botanicals like rosemary and mint to wash hair and hydrate. It avoids harsher cleansing chemicals that can strip hair of its color and moisture. It doesn’t lather with water, so it feels more like a conditioner. And I’m able to detangle my hair with this shampoo since it’s a thick cream. The conditioner counterpart is DevaCurl One Condition ($18,, which I leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. It's supposed to smell like lemongrass, but the scent reminds me of baby cologne. This duo makes my curls look perfectly coiled and feel soft to the touch all the time.

Now Tell Me: What are your favorite shampoo and conditioner combos? Do you like to use non-lathering shampoos?