Curly Qs: Dandruff vs. Buildup

There are several types of scalp issues, but dandruff and product buildup can be easily confused for one another since both can make you feel itchy. Dandruff is actually a form of eczema where dead skin cells are shed more often than normal. Product buildup is layers of residue on your scalp from using too many products. This can be common to chicas with curly hair since we don’t shampoo as often.

Mizani hairstylist Rod Horton suggests one quick way to decipher whether you have dandruff or buildup is to scratch your scalp with your nail and looking at what’s left on it (sounds gross, I know). If the remnant is flaky it’s probably dandruff, and if it’s pasty it can be product buildup.

If you believe it’s dandruff, you should check with your doctor to learn what type you have and how to treat it. And if it’s buildup, you need to make sure to scrub your scalp well when you shampoo. Even if you only shampoo once or twice a week, it’s important to wash away all the leave-in, gels, creams, pomades and serums you may use.

What type of hair troubles are you experiencing?